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It is time for action, not debate, on climate change.

Julian Bell Candidate for Oregon State Senate District 3


Prosperity for my district and for my state.

Health Care for All Oregon

A comprehensive, equitable, high-quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon.

Clean Energy Economy

The future of jobs and the economy is green energy, not the toxic fossil fuels of the past.

Middle and Working Class Tax Relief

It is the consumer spending of the middle and working class that keeps our local economy strong.

Government for the People

Local and state government that works for the people, not special interests and lobbyists

Grassroots Fundraising

This campaign does not accept donations from corporate PAC's. But the Republican in this race does take corporate money. He takes $1000 and $5000 checks from Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

Help us compete with a donation of $10, $27 or $50 today.

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