Dr. Julian Bell

The time to vote on climate is now

The greatest threat to our state is climate change. We can't wait another election cycle to take the action we need to protect our state and its people. Together, we can do this.

Vote Dr. Julian Bell for Oregon Governor.

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Dr. Julian Bell Speaking with Constituant

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Get to Know Julian

I’m Julian Bell,  a medical doctor board-certified in internal medicine, lung diseases, sleep medicine, and critical care.  Lately, I’ve been specializing in COVID 19.  I was born in Australia but I am an American citizen, and I did my university degree and a medical degree in America.  I’m not a career politician.  I’m running for office because we are not on track to make our climate targets, and all of us need to do more about climate change, me included.

In Southern Oregon, we have had 30 years of worsening drought followed by two years of even more severe drought, but this year we may not have any water at all for farmers.  It's the same in Klamath County and all over Oregon.  No farms means no food.  Oregon has housing issues which are bad right now but will get worse as climate change causes people to leave marginal areas and move to our larger cities.  The state of Oregon must play a larger role in addressing this crisis.  Health care costs are causing financial hardship for people, businesses, and the state of Oregon itself.  As climate change causes more financial stress, this hardship will get worse.  I will work to simplify health insurance and decrease the cost of delivering care to make healthcare more affordable for all.  The war in Ukraine and the rising cost of gasoline is one further sign that we must quit using fossil fuel, improve energy efficiency and increase energy independence.

I'm asking for your vote for Governor on May 17th. Together we can do this.
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Issues & Solutions

A bold plan to address urgent needs

We cannot wait another election cycle to address the climate emergency that is affecting every sector of our economy, environment, and daily life. Climate is my #1 priority - and I'm committed to finding fast solutions that are reasoned, equitable, low-cost and effective.

Climate Change

We don't have 4 years to waste.

Climate change requires strong leadership and personal responsibility. We must decarbonize at the state level, hold corporations responsible, and home by home. I'm here for all of it.


We will build a better Oregon that respects our heritage and protects our future.

We must develop strategies to use our resources wisely for the public good.


Workforce housing now.

People need affordable workforce housing now. Under my leadership, the state of Oregon will invest in this urgent task. We will also focus on increased access to mental health for those experiencing homelessness, and support the enforcement of our laws to restore order.


Better care for more people, for less money.

There are efficiencies that can be obtained with a single payer system or equivalent. We need to take advantage of these opportunities for cost savings for people, organizations, and the state of Oregon. We must also make childcare more affordable.

Women's Rights

Supporting a woman's right to choose.

As a healthcare provider, Dr. Bell strongly supports a woman's right to choose her own care, especially abortion. Under his leadership, abortion will remain legal.