Policy based on facts and value for all Oregonians.

Trickle down - flow up economics, gerrymandering, greenhouse gas pollution, the most expensive health delivery system in a modern capitalist democracy?  Fixable problems.  Lets move forward.

My priorities are the following. 

·       A state run not-for-profit health insurance system

In order to work this must include all Oregon residents.  It will cut the cost of health care for all of us, including working taxpayers who have private insurance.  We have the most expensive health care delivery system in the world.  No joke.  in 2015 it was 16% of America's GDP.  The next most expensive was France's - a single payer system - at 11%.  Germany, Switzerland, Japan, England, Taiwan all have single payer systems and all of them are cheaper than our system.  You and me - working taxpayers - are paying those costs.  Nobody else is.  Let me offer you an extreme position on health care: Let's pay less and get more.

·       Clean energy infrastructure. 

The fossil fuel energy industry will never build clean energy infrastructure for us.  They would like to build more natural gas infrastructure.  Natural gas is just more climate change causing pollution and not a bridge fuel to anything other than disaster.  We need to build a rationally planned clean energy grid in Oregon to replace the expensive, dirty, climate change causing system we currently have.

·       A state-run public / private bank like North Dakota’s. 

We must leverage our existing tax revenue to build clean energy infrastructure and affordable housing.  The free market hasn’t done it for us and isn’t going to do it for us.

·       Corporate tax rules that re-level the economic playing field in favor of small businesses.

Multinational companies own our economy.  Their business models are based on eliminating free market competition, not paying the taxes that keep our schools open, and eliminating well-paid jobs.  Modern monopolistic companies don’t create jobs, they get rich by getting rid of jobs.  Small businesses create jobs.

·       Campaign finance reform.

The maximum anyone or any company should be able to contribute to a campaign is an amount that a middle-income family could afford.  I don't know exactly what that ought to be, maybe 0.5% of $57 000 (Oregon's median annual income) ?

·       An independent non-partisan electoral commission to draw voting districts.

Gerrymandering makes your vote not count.   It needs to stop.


Make America great again.  Vote these priorities into office.