A state public / private bank

We need a state bank.  North Dakota has one and it invests in infrastructure that builds the North Dakota economy.  There is an Oregon constitution amendment prohibiting a fully state run bank, so we either need to change this amendment, or have a hybrid public / private bank managed by the voters.

We need to build clean energy infrastructure on a large scale and quickly.  To do this we need up front investment.  This investment should come from leveraging our tax revenue in the same way that a bank leverages its deposits.  Nobody else is going to make this capital available to us other than ourselves.  We don't have to be as reckless as the wall street banks that caused the 2008 global economic meltdown and had to be bailed out by American taxpayers.  We can invest only in profitable projects that are in the public interest.  And what we build should be owned by Oregon taxpayers. 

Because we are building profit making publicly owned infrastructure, we can charge ourselves a modest amount of interest - for instance, 2%.  As long as we get a return on our investment of more than the rate of interest we're charging ourselves, we're making a profit.  This return is the money we make selling electricity. 

We can invest in building affordable housing, collect rent and pay back our loan to ourselves.  With this investment we get infrastructure, jobs and a financial return.