Every politician serious about climate - show us your footprint.

Physician's in my income bracket typically have a carbon footprint of ~77 tons CO2. Mine is 5.

Dr. Bell's Climate Plan

We must aggressively decarbonize Oregon’s economy and invest in carbon capture and storage technology for businesses that are difficult to decarbonize. A high priority is curtailing use of natural gas which is mostly methane, isn’t any more natural than arsenic and is a highly dangerous greenhouse gas.

Other marquee goals include:

# Electrifying our transportation system including expanding access to commuter electric vehicles (not necessarily Teslas, perhaps electric bicycles), disincentivizing fossil fuel powered vehicles, and electrifying the transportation of goods.

# Divesting the state of Oregon from fossil fuel investments. There are no circumstances where it is a good idea to buy a rope to hang yourself with. We must seek ways to encourage or incentivize Oregon businesses to divest from fossil fuel related investments.

# Enacting a ‘stretch’ or ‘reach’ building code so as to enable cities to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure. We could simply adopt California’s.

# Developing an investment system to facilitate the transition from household fossil fuel based home appliances to electric.

# Investing in agricultural carbon sequestration, disincentivizing highly combustible (high density) tree planting by agribusiness / the timber industry. Incentivizing forest wildfire resiliency.

# Investing in research and development of carbon capture and storage technology - to support our existing carbon intensive industries, and since this is an unavoidable part of meeting our atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration goals (decreasing CO2 from current 420 parts per million to 350 parts per million, and CH4 [methane] from 1900 parts per billion to 700 parts per billion).

# Facilitating the construction of large scale clean energy generation and storage infrastructure.

# Raising public awareness of the urgency of the crisis.

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Unlike many others in the 2022 race, we're a grassroots campaign not funded by corporate interests or major PACs. We rely solely on the generosity of individual donors who want to see climate change elevated and agree we have no more time to waste.